cymex® select: The best drive solution within seconds

WITTENSTEIN alpha’s new quick sizing tool saves time and adds precision

cymex® select, the new quick sizing tool from WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH, went live on January 25, 2022. It seamlessly replaces the successful SIZING ASSISTANT and – thanks to optimized calculation logic – gives users an even better technical and economic overview of the gearboxes best suited for their particular machine, even during the prototype phase. Three specific products are recommended, eliminating much of the complexity from the selection process. WITTENSTEIN alpha’s entire, relevant gearbox portfolio is now available in cymex® select. Numerous other motors currently on offer in the market can additionally be taken into account in the sizing calculation. 


Users are simply prompted to enter their application’s maximum output torque and maximum output speed as well as, optionally, a specific motor and are then shown three suitable alternatives – a recommendation, a performance option and a price option – out of more than 50,000 possible WITTENSTEIN gearboxes and variants. Designers can thus determine the most suitable gearboxes for a prototype machine within seconds, with just a few clicks and without any prior knowledge of the WITTENSTEIN portfolio – while project planners instantly receive an estimated cost range for the gearbox solution. Colored bars indicate the individual suitability of each recommended gearbox for the user’s application in up to six different categories. Detailed information on the loads and assumptions used for the calculation can likewise be displayed if necessary. cymex® select moreover allows technically and economically similar alternatives to be identified by tweaking the input parameters; the new results are then presented immediately. 

Low on time, high on precision

The restriction to just a few input parameters – with no need to know, analyze or select either gearbox types or gear ratios, for instance – makes cymex® select a quick sizing tool in the truest sense, saving considerable time for designers and project planners at machine construction companies or motor manufacturers. cymex® select’s calculation logic was aligned with cymex® 5, the sizing expert tool, enabling exceptionally reliable and valid results and further increasing the precision of the gearbox recommendations – especially since nearly 40 WITTENSTEIN gearbox types as well as key gearbox variants such as right-angle, HIGH SPEED and HIGH TORQUE are stored in the quick sizing tool along with special corrosion-resistant or Hygienic Design versions. The new tool completes quite a few of the preparations for detailed sizing later on with cymex® 5 – so that when the gearbox is finally selected, it can be configured in minimal time and a quote requested from WITTENSTEIN without further delay.

cymex® select release replaces SIZING ASSISTANT

The go-live of cymex® select on January 25, 2022 simultaneously marks the end of the current SIZING ASSISTANT tool. The new quick sizing tool can be accessed and used directly on cymex-select.wittenstein-group.com with no need to register first.


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02-wittenstein-cymex-select-en: On the start page of WITTENSTEIN alpha’s new cymex® select sizing tool you can either choose a template or define your own requirements.

03-wittenstein-cymex-select-en: After entering just a few parameters, users are provided with up to three recommendations out of more than 50,000 products.

04-wittenstein-cymex-select-en: These recommendations can be refined by adding further requirements.

05-wittenstein-cymex-select-en: The technical characteristics of the recommendations can then be checked in the details screen.