WITTENSTEIN Service Portal: Always at your service

The WITTENSTEIN Service Portal (WSP) unveiled at SPS 2019 is not only a value-added service portfolio for integrators, OEMs and operators but also a key differentiator in the market. It provides tailored information and services for each individual gearbox, motor, actuator or drive which the company manufactures. Gearboxes with cynapse® functionality and smart services are likewise incorporated, building important bridges to WITTENSTEIN components used in IIoT environments.


The WSP is a web based, interactive customer portal which is individually tailored to the needs of users such as software developers, fitters, maintenance technicians and commissioning and service engineers. All products shipped by WITTENSTEIN alpha, WITTENSTEIN cyber motor or WITTENSTEIN Startup Galaxie® over the last few years can be displayed on a Service Portal website for each individual product. Gearboxes, motors, actuators and drives – all relevant product information such as video tutorials, documentation, certificates, technical data, add-on components and accessories, successor models, firmware files and contact details are mapped in the WSP and automatically updated throughout the product’s lifecycle. Customers can also take advantage of the WSP to request replacement products quickly and easily or to notify us of products that they wish to return to us for inspection or repair.

Instant access to Service Portal websites for each individual product

The WSP can be accessed in various ways: by entering the serial number on the WITTENSTEIN website, by scanning the Data Matrix code on the product – or in the case of gearboxes with cynapse® functionality by reading the electronic identification plate. The Service Portal site then supplies all current information and documentation, individually tailored to the product, in six languages. Explanations of technical characteristics as well as specific information on materials and order designations mean the engineering design can be checked directly and the component procured quickly and easily. Furthermore, the digital replica of the product profits OEMs, operators and integrators with extensive support in connection with installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Touchpoint for Service 4.0

The WITTENSTEIN Service Portal was developed paying particular attention to support for gearboxes with cynapse®, in other words with an integrated sensor module and an IO-Link interface, as well as for the smart drive products which are predicted to become widespread very soon. The WSP is hence ready today for Industry 4.0 and Service 4.0. Among other things, this is demonstrated by the access method using the electronic identification plate of gearboxes with cynapse® as well as by digital service options – which in tomorrow’s world will be highly relevant – such as firmware downloads and updates or by the ability to temporarily or permanently enable certain smart features like temperature and vibration checks via the WSP. Another significant aspect is that new functionalities included in future smart service catalogs can be displayed and integrated in the software of components that are already installed.

The WSP thus meets the requirements for functioning efficiently in manufacturer-independent IIoT scenarios; it is possible to connect more digital components if necessary and the portal is optimally prepared for use with artificial intelligence in the not-too-distant future.